da Vinci Robot Claim Attorneys

People typically pay more money for robotic surgeries than conventional surgeries because they are said to promise quicker recovery times and smaller surgical scars. However, there may be serious dangers associated with robotic surgery that patients are often not informed of, including damage to healthy organs, electrical burns and incidental damage to blood vessels. These injuries can result in diminished quality of life, serious health conditions and even death.

The da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic medical instrument that carries particularly high risks–risks that patients are routinely not made aware of. Since it was first made available in 2000, millions of patients have been operated on with the device under the influence of false and/or misleading safety information.

As a result, untold numbers of patients have suffered complications from hysterectomies, gallbladder removals, prostatectomies, and/or throat cancer surgeries. Anyone who has suffered complications due to the use of the da Vinci Surgical System may have a legal claim against its manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Insufficient Training

Doctors have raised major concerns regarding the training Intutive Surgical provides, repeatedly noting the difficulty of measuring the device’s impact on organs and tissue. Some doctors who received training have stated they were not fully comfortable using the da Vinci robot until they had performed several hundred procedures. Intuitive Surgical was providing minimal training after hospitals purchased the robot.

Defective Medical Equipment

da Vinci Robot Claim AttorneysSuch training is particularly important since doctors who use the da Vinci robot report the technology does not always react as expected. Not only does it sometimes tear through tissue and healthy organs due to incidental contact, but it has been responsible for surgical burns as a result of electrical arcing, in addition to unexpected internal bleeding.

Such surgical injuries have resulted in additional medical problems, increased medical bills, loss of time from work, immobility, pain, and even death. Since 2009, more than 70 deaths have been associated with da Vinci robotic surgeries. In response to more than 4,600 reports of unfavorable robotic surgical incidents, the FDA initiated an investigation in January of 2013.

Have You Been Injured by da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

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