Drug Defect Lawyers


Our drug defect lawyers are investigating many recalled drugs that hurt innocent patients throughout the United States. Our nationwide drug defect attorneys are currently helping people who have been hurt by the following drugs and medical devices:

How do I Know a Drug Is Defective?

Some of the above, and other, drugs have been declared unsafe, or defective, by the FDA, and recalled. Some have not. Just because a drug has not been recalled, does not mean it isn’t defective. Sometimes, drug manufacturers refuse to recall a drug, despite overwhelming evidence that a drug is in fact defective. Often, drug manufacturers view a recall as a business decision and if they determine it will cost them more money to recall a drug than pay all expected injury claims, you can rest assured there will be no recall.

How Do You Know Which Drugs Are Defective?

Our drug defect lawyers stay on top of all breaking news on each drug we select for patient representation, as well as other drugs that are currently under investigation. We routinely read medical industry newsletters and magazines and study clinical trial data. Often, the defective nature of a drug can be “leaked” by an insider within the drug company, or a doctor who has seen firsthand the devastating effects a defective drug can have on unsuspecting patients.

Don’t Medical Trials Prove a Drug Is Not Defective?

No. Many times, the medical trials relied upon by the FDA in approving a drug or medical device for sale in the US are flawed. For instance, double blind studies should be conducted in every medical trial. However, some manufacturers do not adhere to this “gold standard” and allow for subjective bias to be injected in a clinical trial, thereby skewing the data. Unfortunately, this can result in defective drugs making their way into the marketplace, despite FDA approval.

Our Drug Defect Lawyers Are Ready to Help!

Our defective drug lawyers stand ready to assist you investigate any drug that may have resulted in harm to you. Remember, a drug does not have to be recalled in order to be deemed defective. Contact us today at 800-MED-LAWS, or fill out the online contact form and a medical lawyer will contact you to discuss your legal situation for free.