Drug Defect Lawyers


Drug Defect Lawyers



Are you looking for a “regular” lawyer to handle your defective drug or medical device case? If so, you came to the wrong place. We aren’t “regular” lawyers. Our team includes lawyers with degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, criminal justice, and more. We regularly secure million dollar plus verdicts and settlements for our clients.

So, if you feel like you deserve the best of both worlds- lawyers with science degrees and criminal justice backgrounds- you came to the right place: 1-800-MED-LAWS.

It only makes sense, right? You and your family deserve to be taken care of. After all, choosing a lawyer is arguably the most important decision you will ever make. You get one shot at justice…. get it right the first time. Beyond our lawyers’ qualifications, we consult with top experts, consultants, nurses, cardiologists, neurologists, orthopedists, urologists, OBGYNs and general surgeons (and many other specialists) on a regular basis to develop our clients’ cases.

What We Do

Simply put, we take on some of the world’s largest corporations, which includes drug and medical device manufacturers that negligently harm innocent people. Our lawyers have a track record of obtaining record verdicts and settlements, some in excess of $10,000,000.00, on behalf of our clients. We are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau. We have been honored with a Martindale Hubbell AV* Rating by our peers. And most importantly, our clients know our hearts are as big as the results we obtain.

We handle all cases on an individual basis. You are unique; Your damages are unique; The facts of your case are unique. When you become a 1-800-MED-LAWS client, our medical attorneys will thoroughly analyze your situation, and will fully explore all of your unique damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, hedonic loss, as well as those your spouse may have experienced.

How We Get Paid

We don’t …. unless we win. That’s right. Our fee is 100% contingent upon being successful in litigating your case and obtaining money for your harms and losses. Under no circumstance will you or your family ever owe us any money whatsoever, for any reason. We make this a zero risk proposition for our clients. You already sustained a life altering event…. why should you risk any more to get justice?

A Nationwide Practice

We will handle cases in all 50 states, state and federal court. From time to time, we may hire, at our expense, not yours, local counsel to assist with court appearances and hearings. Hiring local counsel saves you money. If we were to travel to every court hearing, the expenses would be astronomical. Instead, we pay, out of our contingency fee, local counsel to appear on our behalf.

Be aware: there are many law firms that absolutely LOVE to jet-set…. criss-crossing the country eating steak dinners on your dime, passing these “expenses” on to you. Hiring local counsel avoids unnecessary expense. Of course, if and when we go to trial, we will be there by your side. That’s why you hired us!

Our Guarantee

If you aren’t happy with how our firm treats you within the first 30 days, you can take your file with no fees, no costs, and no questions asked. We will pay for all incurred expenses, and it will cost you nothing. We make this guarantee because we know once you join forces with us, and see first hand the quality of our work and dedication to your case, you will know you made the right decision.

Exclusive and Limited Representation

Our success comes from forming personal relationships with our clients. To properly develop these personal relationships, we cannot help everyone. For this reason, we turn down more cases than we accept. By limiting the number of clients we accept for representation, we ensure every one of our clients get the attention they deserve. If you wish to have our medical lawyers consider you or a family member for representation, call us toll free at 1-800-MED-LAWS, or fill out our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM. At 1-800-MED-LAWS, a specialized drug defect lawyer is only a call or click away. If we can’t help, we have a deep network of trusted law firms that we can refer you to for your exact needs.

Parting Advice (it’s free)

First, seek the advice of a competent drug recall lawyer today. Do not delay. All too often we are contacted by seriously hurt people who waited too long. When the statute of limitations runs on your case, your constitutional rights are stripped away and no lawyer in the world can help. Call 1-800-MED-LAWS now!

Second, be aware of websites posing as “public service organizations” (many have .org web URLs). You may not realize it, but these are lawyers and law firms! The last thing you want is a lawyer or law firm who hides their true identify in small print at the bottom of the webpage. At 1-800-MED-LAWS, we are 100% upfront with who we are: We are litigation attorneys who will fight to get you full justice for your injuries against any drug or medical device manufacturer.

Third, be aware of website that offer to refer you to a lawyer. These are nothing but lead generation sites that sell leads to whatever lawyer will pay the most money. Is that how you want to choose a lawyer? We doubt it. For the real deal, call us. We didn’t get an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an AV* Rating from Martindale Hubbell for nothing!