Pradaxa® Lawyer

Pradaxa Lawyer

Our Pradaxa lawyers are accepting clients for representation where stroke, internal bleeding (hemmorage), ulcers, gastrointestinal (GI) bleeds or death occurred while taking Pradaxa®. We handle all Pradaxa® claims and lawsuits on an individual basis, not as a Pradaxa class action.

What is Pradaxa®?

Pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) is blood thinning drug manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim, a private German drug company. Pradaxa® was touted as a substitute for coumadin (warfarin) for treatment of atrial fibrillation because its manufacturer claims it provided substantial benefits compared to coumadin.

In the first two years after its release, Boehringer Ingelheim sold $2,000,000,000.00 (2 Billion) of Pradaxa®. However, during those two years, an abnormal amount of serious injuries and death were linked to this drug. It became very clear Pradaxa® carries serious side effects and risks.

Pradaxa® Risks and Side Effects

The alleged problem, or defect, with Pradaxa® is that it poses two unnecessary risks and side effects to patients. First, studies have shown Pradaxa® substantially increases one’s risk of internal bleeding. Second, that Pradaxa® can’t be reversed by ER doctors, like Coumadin (warfarin), in the event a patient’s blood is too thin. Unfortunately, patients can bleed out and often die. If the patient had been taking coumadin, emergency room doctors can often administer Vitamin K, which thickens the blood and allows it to clot. Since this does not work with Pradaxa®, emergency room doctors have gone on record describing this scenario as a “catastrophe.” One of the alleged problems with Pradaxa is that there was no adequate warning to patients concerning Pradaxa hemorrhage or bleeding.

Pradaxa® Injuries and Deaths

In the last two years, Pradaxa® has been linked to over 500 deaths in the United States alone, and more abroad. During this time, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices noted Pradaxa® was connected to serious injury and death at a rate higher than 800 other drugs the institute monitors. In 2011, the FDA Safety Communication issued a report indicating Pradaxa® may cause “serious or even fatal” bleeding problems at a rate higher than expected. Despite this finding, it is alleged Boehringer refused to warn patients or doctors of these deadly risks and continued to profit by selling this defective drug to the general public. Many internal bleeding lawsuits have been filed against Pradaxa’s manufacturer.

The FDA and Pradaxa®

Pradaxa® was approved by the FDA on October 29, 2010. Patients and their families should know that just because Pradaxa® was approved by the FDA, this does not foreclose legal remedies for those hurt or killed by this drug. Pradaxa® victims and their families should contact a Pradaxa® lawyer to discuss their case immediately. Currently, the FDA is conducting additional studies on Pradaxa® because of these findings.

Pradaxa® Lawsuits

All Pradaxa® lawsuits have been combined in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, as MDL 2385. All internal bleeding lawsuits and blood thinner lawsuits involving Pradaxa will be conducted within this cause of action. In addition, there are some cases that have been filed in various state courts. Our lawyers believe Pradaxa is dangerous and should no longer be sold to patients.

Our Pradaxa® Lawyers

Our medical lawyers are investigating Pradaxa® in connection with internal bleeding, hemorrhage, ulcers, and death. Our medical lawyers will gather all relevant medical records and conduct a full investigation to determine if Pradaxa® caused you or your family member harm. If we determine Pradaxa® caused harm, we will discuss all of your legal options and if warranted, file a Pradaxa® lawsuit for you.

Pradaxa® Compensation

If you or a loved one was injured while taking a defective drug, the medical bills, both past and future, can be astronomical. Our lawyers help ensure every harm is fully explored and that you claim compensation for each element of damage, which can include past medical bills, future medical bills, in-home medical assistance, medical devices, past and future lost wages and loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering.

In the event a loved one died because of a defective drug, we will aggressively pursue the drug manufacturer responsible in an effort to effect change. In our experience, it often takes a lawsuit to make drug manufacturers serious about providing appropriate compensation. Often, if the financial pain of paying a settlement or verdict is bad enough, it is our belief drug companies and manufacturers will, in the future, take measure to prevent harm before it occurs. It is our deepest hope that in the future, drug manufacturers will be more responsible when bringing new drugs to the marketplace, because they know lawyers will hold them accountable for their actions.